Martone Cycling
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About Client

Martone Cycling Company is a fashion and design-driven company. Our bikes are bold statements of personal style, created with passion and accented with our signature red chain.

First Screen


Create a stylish and convenient online store for selling bicycles and sports equipment

Enjoy the Ride — Lorenzo Martone

A bike that looks as good as it rides? There’s more than meeting an eye with Martone. Welcome to a new world of cycling that suits your style.

Product Page

Product card design is a implementation of the company’s philosophy. Therefore, we decided to make it in an «expensive» but laconic style.

We have chosen restrained colors. White background of the pages makes the site pleasant for the user and focuses on high-quality content

Art in motion: Shantell Martin puts her stamp on Martone Cycling Co’s designs

First Screen


The site uses only high quality photos that have been photographed around the world

Mobile option

Simple and convenient mobile version retains all functionality on every page


The stylized checkout was done using the Shopify software.

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Martone Cycling


UX/UI Design


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